Dr Martens Glossary: Everything You Need To Know

Dr Martens Glossary: Everything You Need To Know

Do you know your 1460s from your 1461s?  Your Bex Soles from your Quad Soles? It's easy to get confused when there is so much to choose from. We're here to give you the low-down on all things Dr Martens so you can find the right pair for you! 

Dr Martens have been making boots and shoes since the 60s in Northamptonshire, England. From the very beginning, this brand focused on the quality and comfort of its products. Using the highest quality materials and hand-crafting their boots, Dr Martens have now become a staple of the alternative wardrobe so if you don't own a pair of Doc Martens, we're here to help you narrow down the choice to find a pair that suits you. 

Featured Products

Dr Martens Vonda Boots (Black/Red)
Dr Martens Vonda Boots (Black/Red)
Botas Dr Martens 1460 Vegan (Negro)
Botas Dr Martens 1460 Vegan (Negro)
Botas Dr Martens 1460 Serena Wyoming - Negra
Botas Dr Martens 1460 Serena Wyoming - Negra
Botas Chelsea Dr Martens 2976 - Negra Felix Rub Off
Botas Chelsea Dr Martens 2976 - Negra Felix Rub Off
Botas Dr Martens 1460 Cambridge Brush - Rojo cereza
Botas Dr Martens 1460 Cambridge Brush - Rojo cereza

About Dr Marten's Features

Goodyear Welting

All Dr Martens footwear are Goodyear Welted. This means that during construction, the sole and the upper are heat-sealed and sewn together to create a sturdy, lasting shoe. Whilst most shoes are merely glued together, Dr Martens are built to last meaning you get more shoe for the money. 

Dr Martens DNA

You’ve likely seen this term on our Dr Martens products. This means that with each trusty pair of Dr Martens, you’ll find their traditional Goodyear Welted soles, branded shoe pull on the heel and grooved soles. These features come as standard for every Dr Martens shoe or boot so you can easily recognise this brand. You know exactly what you’ll be getting with a pair of DMs with their DNA makeup. 


About the Soles

With such a range of Dr Marten footwear available, we’re here to help you recognise each type so you can find the perfect shoe for you. Check out the types of soles you’ll find on our Dr Martens.

Standard DMs Sole

This standard sole can be found on classic ranges such as the 1460, 1461 and 2976 Chelsea boots. This sole has the traditional tread pattern to the sole and is not a platform style. 

Designed not just for durability and comfort, they’re also oil, fat and slip resistant too. Known as the “AirWair Bouncing Soles”, this traditional sole is air-cushioned for the ultimate comfort.

The Bex Sole

This style offers a great in-between of the classic DMs sole and the chunkier platform options. A versatile pair to suit any outfit. 

The Quad Sole

The quad sole offers a thick platform base with an almost 2” height. You can find this sole with styles such as Jadon, Voss Sandals and Holly Shoes. 

The Max Quad Sole

With an over 2” platform, the Quad Max sole is the tallest option of Dr Marten’s bases. Often seen with the Jadon Max or Sinclair Max styles. 


About the Leathers

A great feature of the Dr Martens brand is the wide variety of styles and leathers available.  We’ll take you through all you need to know about Dr Marten’s most popular leathers to help you pick the right option for you. 

Smooth: This leather is the most famous Dr Martens leather. Hardwearing and tough, this material can take some time to break in and shape to your feet but is designed to be long-lasting.

Virginia: A soft, fine-grain leather that is smooth and supple for the ultimate comfort. Choose this leather if you don’t want to have to deal with the often agonising break-in process that comes with Dr Martens. 

Patent: If you’re looking for that glorious shiny leather then this is the option for you! It starts with a suede leather base and is coated with PU to give that glossy, high shine. 

Buttero: You’ll recognise this leather by its satin gloss finish. Full grain and smooth with a supple feel.

Vegan Rub Off: Looking for vegan options? The Rub Off leather is a synthetic material that is soft and pliable for top comfort and has a matte finish. Available in Felix Rub Off black and Oxford Brush in cherry red.

Nappa: Nappa leather is a heavier-weight choice that is strong and durable as well as supple and soft. Footwear with this leather is built to last. 

Wyoming: With rugged charm and milled texture, this leather has a subtle grain and an oily finish. 

Suede: Dr Martens offer several types of suede leathers including E.H. Suede and Soft Buck. With a silky suede finish, these boots and shoes offer a sophisticated appearance. 

Hydro: Often seen on the Dr Martens sandals range, Hydro leather is PU coated with a smooth matte finish. 

Waterproof: If you’re after a winter-proof shoe then be sure to look out for Dr Marten’s waterproof leathers such as Blizzard or Valor. 


Iconic Dr Marten’s Ranges

If you’re not familiar with the Dr Martens brand then you’ll want to know about these 3 popular ranges: the 1460 Boot, the 1461 Shoe and the 2976 Chelsea Boot. 

The 1460 is the iconic 8-eyelet, lace-up ankle boot. Each pair is expertly made with an AirWair sole, Goodyear Welting and premium leather. 

The 1461 is their traditional 3-eyelet, lace-up shoe. These also have the bouncing sole and Goodyear Welting with a sophisticated flat shoe design. 

The 2976 Chelsea Boot is typical of a Chelsea-style boot but with iconic Dr Martens DNA and features. 


Vegan Dr Martens 

There’s no need to worry if you’re vegan, there are plenty of options when it comes to Dr Martens. Make sure to look out for their vegan leathers such as Felix Rub Off or Cambridge Brush Rub Off. Made from synthetic material, you can rest assured that your vegan Dr Martens don’t contain any animal leathers. Look out for their yellow heel loop to find your vegan boots or shoes!


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