One of the fastest-growing subcultures of the 2020s: Pastel Goth. Pastel Goth is a style aesthetic that incorporates pastel colours into gothic outfits. You’ll commonly see pastel pinks paired with dark, black clothing and finished with bold gothic accessories. Also referred to as Kawaii Goth, this colourful aesthetic is becoming a popular style in the alternative community. Routed in Japanese culture, Kawaii Goth takes its ideas from Japanese streetwear and cutsie themes. Kawaii Goth definitely fits in at BB as we love to stock anime merchandise such as t-shirts and jumpers.

Many do not consider Pastel Goth to be truly alternative but at Blue Banana, we love to embrace all different styles! If you're looking to experiment with your style, why not try out some Pastel Goth outfits - we’ll show you how! If you’re looking for Pastel Goth clothing ideas, take a look at some of our favourite pastel clothing at Blue Banana.


Typical Pastel Goth outfits start with a check or tartan skirt much like our Hell Bunny Alicia Skirt, in a pastel shade, or you could use a black base with your clothing like our Banned Darkdoll Mini Skirt. Follow this with a pastel jumper or black crop top. We stock plenty of pastel clothing so that you can build the perfect Pastel Goth aesthetic!

If you’re looking to create some Kawaii Goth outfits then why not take a look at our Hatsune Miku Tees for some bright Pastel Goth colours.


Accessories are a key feature of any Pastel Goth look. Grab yourself a belt, some chains and necklaces and you’ll have some Pastel Goth essentials ready to go. Layer up your gothic style with some pastel accessories such as jewellery and a pair of fishnet tights to complete your look. A staple of any Kawaii Goth wardrobe is often a harness. Check out our Poizen Industries Mase Harness to add to your collection of pastel clothing.


You can’t have a complete outfit without a pair of shoes! Blue Banana is known for its collection of gothic and alternative footwear including brands such as New Rock and Dr Martens. For Pastel Goth shoes, Lamoda is the one to choose. Whether you like high-heeled shoes or boots, there are plenty of goth shoes to choose from. Add the Big Ego Pale Pink Platform Shoes to your outfit to embrace the Goth Kawaii vibe.

If high-heels aren’t your thing then why not try a pair of Dr Martens boots, available in a range of colours including pink and purple 1460 boots!

Hair Colour

Go the extra mile and dye your hair a pastel shade to coordinate your look! We offer some amazing shades of pastel hair dye including the Manic Panic Creamtones Collection. Check out our pastel pinks, purples and blues in our pastel hair dye section to shop Crazy Color, Directions and even Stargazer hair dye.

If you don’t feel brave enough for a full head of Pastel Goth hair then why not opt for our pastel wigs? These luxurious wigs come in a range of styles and colours including pastel blue and pastel pink. Wigs are great for adding some colour to your look without committing to dying your hair.

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