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Hickies Laces (Gold)
If you’ve been looking for more convenient ways to do up your shoes and add a burst of colour then our Hickies laces range has just what you need to get the look you crave. These easy to attach laces have a number of different ways to be used to create both different looks and different fits.

If you wanted to give your shoes or boots a better fit to suit your personal needs then the Hickies laces is just what you need. By following the YouTube videos attached to every lace you can effortlessly give your footwear the fit you desire in an instant. Not only that but each lace can be attached to one another for an even varied look.

There’s No Other Shoelace Like Hickies!

Everyone can relate to those moments where you feel like you’re constantly doing up your laces and even tripping over them, but this worry will become a thing of the past once you introduce the Hickies laces to your footwear! Whilst they’re easy to attach and put together they’re secure enough to hold however active your lifestyle.

Because we know you want your Hickies laces to last you for the long term, we’ve ensured that each one has been made from quality made materials and an attention to detail that you won’t find on standard shoelaces. In fact you’ll likely find that your Hickies last you longer than the footwear itself!

Create An Original Look With Our Hickies Shoelace Range

You will notice that our Hickies laces comes in tons of different colours so you can create the most varied looks imaginable and transform the look of your shoes daily. From cute and vibrant colours to block colour for a more uniformed look, you’ll find yourself spoilt with the amount of looks we have to offer you.

Whilst the Hickies laces is just what every footwear lover needs in their life, it’d be a mistake to think that’s all we have to offer you. We have tons of different alternative styled laces to enhance your look and add some punked up flare to your look! From extra-long laces, to checkered styles, you’ll love browsing through our huge collection.