Barry M Dragster Speedy Nail Paint 10ml (Black)
Barry M Dragster Speedy Nail Paint 10ml (Black)
Blue Banana looks to bring a brilliant selection of nail polish for anyone and everyone to explore. We stock a vast range of nail lacquers from the subtle and sophisticated shades to the more outlandish colours that create a vibrant style. We have professional nail varnish to accommodate beauty technicians or people who simply love to accessorise and look fabulous.

We include nail varnish that's strong and presents powerful tones, colours that will transform your nails into a superb chic look. Or glitzy polish for those who prefer sparkle and shine, with glittered nail polish providing a tantalising twinkle for your hands to stand out. These will look fantastic to wear for big classy events or for when you want to impress the onlookers.

Bin The Boring Shades And Apply Some Glamorous Nail Polish

All of our nail varnish selections have been made with professional salons and beauticians in mind. These beauty products have been specifically designed and tested to supply an easy application, luxurious finish and great durability. Blue Banana’s nail care supplies are trialled by salon professionals to meet the high standards set by successful beauty experts.

Away from the salon, our range of glamorous nail polish is perfect for any self-employed  beautician or nail technician who is working freelance. These are a great way to show your clients that you mean business and that you only work with the best beauty products available. Our selection is vast and expansive, giving your clients a great opportunity to find a shade or style which is best suited for them.

Our Nail Polishes Will Have Customers Coming Back

The quality of our nail varnish has never been in doubt. With all the vital tests passed it was over to the designers to enjoy implementing the fantastic colours on offer. Each bottle displays a luxurious twist, concentrating on original and state of the art shades. These won’t be your run of the mill regular styles that you find in high street stores; they’ve been specifically selected and picked out for loyal professionals who want to provide their clients with that bit extra.

The smoothness of the colours is matched by the high quality coats that are easily applied. You’ll look down at the nails and you’ll know that they’ve received nothing but class and quality. Chipping is possibly the most irritating issue when it comes to applying nail polish, so with that in the mind our designers have made nail polish with the ability to withstand regular wear and tear, giving your newly designed nails a longer life span to be flaunted.

Not only will you be enhancing nails using luxurious coats of amazing colours but they’ll stand the test of time like no other standard nail polish. Once you’ve experienced the amazing nail varnish selections at Blue Banana, you won’t go back to the basics; you’re likely to return with beaming great grin and some healthy vibrant nails.