Stargazer No. 602 Crackle Nail Polish 14ml (Silver)
Stargazer No. 602 Crackle Nail Polish 14ml (Silver)
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Introducing the nail art section, where you can find the essential art paints, glitters, stickers and even tools. From nail sets to individual items, tools to wraps, we’ve got everything covered here. We know performing manicures and being artistic with your nails is the perfect way to show off your creative side and give your hands the style they deserve. Instead of heading into a salon, just pick up a few nail art essentials here to perform a manicure in the comfort of your own home.

Tools And Supplies For Your Nail Art

With our nail art products you can enjoy creating a number of different designs and styles repeatedly. A nail set is perfect for giving you variety and options when it comes to creating a new design on your nails. If a kit contains too much for you, then singular art items and products is just what you need, whether you’re after pots of glitter or stickers. Perform nail art on yourself or show your creative skills off to your friends with our products here at Blue Banana.

We’ve got every little item needed to create that perfect professional style manicure in our selection of nail art supplies and tools. There are simple to use decorations for your nails, including glitters, acrylics, studs, stickers, foil, striping tapes and crystals that really enhance the style of your fingertips and give them that high quality sheen. And getting the best out of these materials is no sweat either, as all the essential equipment needed to prepare and maintain nails are available, including scissors, nippers, cuticle pushers, clippers and files. All are of the best quality and sold separately and in special kits.

Quality Nail Art Essentials For Beautiful Manicures

  • Huge Range Of Quality Nail Art Supplies & Tools
  • Ideal For Professional & Home Use
  • Amazing Variety Of Styles & Designs
Each and every one of our nail art supplies and tools are not just made to the very highest quality to please those with professional standards, but they also come with an amazing variety of designs. There’s a huge bounty of styles to choose from amongst our nail art supplies, including the bright and colourful, as well as gorgeous, cute and strange. You’ll definitely be able to find the styles and designs that suit your personality and preferences here amongst our huge selection of various glitters, acrylics and many more manicure materials.

So if you’re looking to create that perfect manicure for your nails, look no further than Blue Banana’s amazing selection of nail art supplies and tools which are ideal for home use by nail art amateurs but still have that salon quality professional style.