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Holly Hagan

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Manic Panic Manic Mixer Classic Cream Formula Pastel-izer Colour Hair Dye
Manic Panic Manic Mixer Classic Cream Formula Pastel-izer Colour Hair Dye
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If you’ve ever wondered how you can gain the Holly Hagan hair look then it’s fairly simple - all it takes is a neat bottle of Manic Panic Hair dye. Holly Hagan is one of Geordie Shore’s most popular characters and her ever growing celebrity status has a lot to do with her fiery hair and frisky attitude. She’s not one to beat around the bush, making her bright and vivid hair the perfect reflection of her character.

It’s ever so easy to replicate Holly Hagan hair. Whether you’re after some cotton candy pink or mystic heather purple or perhaps you like the look of the electrifying blues, Manic Panic hair dyes offer a vast selection of colours. The trick to its success is its easily applied, maintained and produces wicked results. Semi-permanent hair dyes are the perfect way to experiment with all types of colours, don’t take my word for it, just look at Holly Hagan.

Brighten Up Your Life With Holly Hagan Hair

"I want Holly Hagan hair” has probably been on the lips of many impressionable young girls. It’s the quickest and easiest way to drastically change your appearance. Holly Hagan is always doing it; she’s dyed her hair red, purple and mauve, but has remained loyal to Manic Panic hair dye. She loves the wildness and vivid shine it gives to her head top. If it works for Holly it can work for you!

If it wasn’t for the famous Holly Hagan hair dye treatment then it’s debatable whether she’d acclaim the sort of attention that she does. Her bright and vibrant locks go hand in hand when you hear her name, Holly Hagan with a standard hair colour just wouldn’t look right. It would be like a dedicated Jew without the cap or a Christian without a crucifix, it’s her statement, her signature and a way for everyone to recognise that she means glamorous business.

Holly Hagan Hair Is Not Just For Celebs

Her tropical and outlandish appearance gives her that edge and bite that viewers love to see. Even if you don’t condone her behaviour or find it hard to believe that she’s even a celebrity you have to admit Holly Hagan hair is quite the spectacle. Whether its criticism or praise, she stands out from the crowd and gets people talking. Just because you aren’t kissing Frankie Cocozza or starring in reality TV programmes it doesn’t mean you don’t deserve the exact same attention.

Holly Hagan hair can be implemented to everyone and anyone, all it takes is bottle to make the move and a bottle of Manic Panic hair dye to do it. If you’d like your hair looking radiant and intensely bright then you know what to do, just follow in the footsteps of Holly and buy Manic Panic hair dye.