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Halloween Hair Dye

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Manic Panic Dye Hard Colour Styling Gel (Electric Banana)
Manic Panic Dye Hard Colour Styling Gel (Electric Banana)
£7.99was £8.99
If youíre taking part in one of the most fun times of the year, then youíll want to go all with the help of some Halloween hair dye! We have tons of different colours and applications so that you can create the kind of hairstyle you image. Whether you want to go all out with some semi-permanent colour or something that can easily wash out like hair chalk, your perfect hair awaits!

Whilst our Halloween hair dye is perfect for this spooky day of the year, youíll find that these dyes are particularly brilliant for using for any of your fancy dress themed nights, and could be just what you need to create the best costume. Donít relent on that mental image you had of your costume, because this can easy be achieved with the right tools.

Invest In Some Halloween Hair Dye For The Greatest Looks

Whilst we have plenty of Halloween hair dye to transform your look, we have plenty more to offer those that donít want to alter their colour for such a long period of time. Youíll particularly appreciate our coloured styling gel that also glows under UV light, perfect for those themed nights out when you want to stand out with an unfair advantage.

Of course we have more than Halloween hair dye and coloured gel, we also have an even easier method for colouring your hair in the form of hair chalk. One of the best things about using hair chalks to change your hair colour are that their colour stands out. Even if you have darker coloured hair, youíll find that that the colour is still as vibrant and easy to wash out.

Use Hair Dye For The Most Unique Halloween Costumes

There are plenty of ways Halloween hair dye can enhance a costume, and youíll find that it creates a much better look than wearing wigs. Of course, you donít need to wear a costume to embrace the fun side of changing your hair colour for a few nights, and because theyíre all easy enough to wash out so you wonít have to worry about having to keep this colour for longer than you wanted.

You can create a number of different looks with our Halloween hair dye, so what better opportunity to invent some awesome looks than with some easy to use hair colourants? If you didnít want to stick to the ordinary blocks of colour you could even pair up didnít shades for a stunning multi-coloured look.