Nemesis Now Baphomet Mug (Multi)
Blue Banana are pleased to introduce to you our latest brand, Nemesis Now! Drawing on gothic, fantasy and even steampunk for inspiration, they’ve created some real alternative designed ornaments and gifts to style your house with. If you’re into steampunk, you’ll love our Nemesis Now Gifts collection enabling you to join in with the world of fantasy and fiction.

Now a sub-section of fashion, we're proud to offer you a wide range of alternative style gifts, suitable for all occasions. So if you’re after a chance to become part of the pseudo-Victorian world, or would rather enter a fantasy land where dragons fly the skies, then browse our range of steampunk and fantasy Nemesis Now gifts!

Explore A World Of Gothic Fantasy - Browse Our Nemesis Now Collection

Nemesis Now is one of the UK's largest distributors of gothic and fantasy gifts, supplying a huge selection of ornaments, jewellery boxes, figurines, candleholders, cushions and much more. Inspired by the dark and mysterious, Nemesis Now items feature skulls, dragons, ravens, demons, angels, fairies and various other iconic creatures and designs from fictional worlds. Many products in Nemesis Now's collection also happen to be designed by acclaimed artist Anne Stokes.

Sure to add plenty of personality to your living room, bedroom or even office, Nemesis Now ornaments add atmosphere to wherever you place them. Featuring high quality and intricate designs, they're great centrepieces for themed decoration, not just on special occasions, but all year round. 

Bring Some Spirituality Into Your Life With Nemesis Now Gifts

- Gothic & Fantasy Themed Ornaments & Accessories
- Ideal As A Gift For Special Occasions
- High Quality, Intricate Designs

Nemesis Now make perfect gifts for all occasions, whether that's Christmas, birthdays, Valentine's Day, Halloween or just as a treat to yourself or to show some appreciation to someone special. With a wide range of different items to suit those with a taste for the unique or fantastical, there's something for everyone amongst Nemesis Now's range of alternative gothic and fantasy gifts.

Check out Blue Banana's collection of Nemesis Now gifts. From dragon statues and skull candleholders to spirit board cushions, there's bound to be the perfect alternative present for lovers of goth, fantasy and even steampunk.