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Stargazer Bleach & Peroxide Kit
Stargazer Bleach & Peroxide Kit
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A highly popular makeup brand across the UK, Stargazer makeup has every single piece of makeup available you could ask for. Ranging from bleach and peroxide kits to body glitter, Stargazer will put the shine back into your life. Extremely long-lasting and enduring, our Stargazer cosmetics will remain untouched and stay looking fresh for the entire day, or night. For a fantastic, lively night out look no further than Blue Banana for your shimmering body glitter and vibrant body paint. What are you waiting for? Buy your Stargazer makeup here today and you wonít be disappointed!

For amazing makeup results, Blue Banana have exactly what youíre looking for so you can stop searching now - and if you're looking for hair dye, you can get a free tint brush with every pot too.

Stargazer Makeup Collection

Born in 1978, Stargazer cosmetics started out on a stall in the Great Gear market in the Kings Road in London, where punk fashion was the centre of attention. They focused mainly on the colours and the outrages that sculpted the companyís ideas behind the key ranges. With all of this knowledge in mind, Stargazer cosmetics wanted to reach a wider audience so in the 1980ís they stretched out to department stores. So if itís Stargazer eyeshadow or Stargazer nail polish you want, youíll find it right here in this section!

The Best In Stargazer Nail Polish And Makeup

Stand out from the crowd with this extensive range and splash a bit of colour onto your canvas with our Stargazer cosmetics collection. We guarantee youíll find something to fit your personal taste here and with our reliable delivery service, youíll only have to wait a few days for your beautiful makeup. If all that wasnít enough, your safety means a lot to us, so you can purchase your Stargazer products using our secure payment system. With all of this information in mind, you can shop for your favourite Stargazer cosmetics freely and safely, so come on, get glittering!