Pamela Mann Stitches & Blood Tights (Nude)
The Pamela Mann collection of stockings and tights is the finest around, containing top quality hosiery that is sure to help you look and feel great.  Funky designs and colours are what Pamela Mann tights are all about, allowing you to express yourself in a way you never thought possible.  If you donít want to completely bare your legs but donít want to be dowdy either, these are the perfect alternative.  If you love Pamela Mann then you need to browse through this range.

Every pair of our stockings and tights is covered by our terms and conditions guarantee to give you complete peace of mind while shopping.

Funky Pamela Mann Tights Collection

If youíve never tried out anything from the Pamela Mann range before then we recommend you do so.  Designed for the edgy and alternative lady, these stockings are guaranteed to keep you looking and feeling great throughout the day.  Here at Blue Banana we are one of the biggest Pamela Mann stockists around, so youíre guaranteed to find the biggest and best collection right here in our online store.  Whether youíre looking for a fishnet style or the famous twickers design, our selection of Pamela Mann tights wonít disappoint.

Stockings and Tights by Pamela Mann

One thing you can be guaranteed with Pamela Mann, no matter what you choose, is that you will grab the attention of everyone around you.  Designed and manufactured by experts, every item is sure to help you feel sexy and alive!  We know that loads of you are fans of this brand already, but if youíre not we really recommend you take a look.  With a pair of tights or stockings for every outfit, you can mix and max all year long and never get bored.  If this sounds like your kind of thing, check out our Pamela Mann collection today.