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One of the largest alternative subcultures of fashion worldwide is gothic clothing style, which is easily recognisable from its dark, bold statement colours combined with a mysterious edge that is sometimes regarded as exotic. The complex nature of gothic fashion as a subculture of clothing means it is often related with death and morbid feelings, with many people who opt to wear this type of alternative fashion matching their style with black hair, dark cosmetics and black nail polish.

The influences of the fashion labelled as gothic clothing are a mixture of Victorian, Elizabethan and punk styles, but it is often said, wrongly, that emo and heavy metal music have been a factor in the development of gothic fashion. In reality, gothic is a much stronger subculture than these, with less influence drawn from other genres. Instead, it is a huge factor in the development of other styles including rockabilly, scene, emo and indie clothing.

Gothic Origins Date Back To Victorian Mourning Clothing

The real influx of gothic clothing was influenced heavily by mourning fashion worn during the Victorian period, where it was traditional to dress extremely somberly when attending a funeral and remembering the life of a person who had passed on, quite in contrast to some of the celebrations of life that are seen in the modern day. More recently, gothic fashion has evolved as a revolution again the fashion of the 1970s disco generation, attempting to fight back against the huge influx of colour and crazy clothing that lasted through the 1980s too.

There have been a number of gothic clothing icons over the years, most notably David Bowie, Morticia Addams, Robert Smith and Theda Bara, who was an actress at the end of the Victorian period, and one of the first ever sex symbols from modern entertainment. With such a huge host of gothic icons sporting this huge fashion trend, itís little wonder that there has been such an influx of modern day gothic style from big designer brands including Spiral Direct, Hell Bunny and Banned.

Huge Clothing Brands Are Part Of Gothic Subculture

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