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Nose Studs

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Acrylic Nose Wire Retainer (Clear)
Acrylic Nose Wire Retainer (Clear)
You can get nose studs that will reflect your awesome facial piercing thanks to Blue Banana and our range of body piercing jewellery. One of the most attractive piercings for guys and girls, this piercing represents beauty in young women and so we have a range of great looking nostril studs so that you can really accentuate your gorgeous piercing.

You can get a cheap nose stud easily through our piercing collection and many come in multiple sets so you can have a great look every day. Ranging from eye catching nose studs to smaller piercings, we even have nose retainers to make your alternative piercing incredibly subtle and suitable for the work place.

Buy Brand New Body Piercing Jewellery For A Nostril Piercing

Not only are our nose studs hard wearing and easy to use, they also look great with a range of styles and designs. Our nostril piercings range from surgical steel to acrylic and gold in material and are non-reactive as well as comfortable to wear.

Looking for crystal details and even stars? Blue Banana has a great range of body piercing jewellery that is ideal for lovers of alternative fashion. You’ll love how cheap and affordable our range is, perfect for those of you who want a range of nostril piercings to change on a regular basis!

Buy Nose Studs With A Difference From Blue Banana

Our nose studs come with our service and delivery guarantee as well as the knowledge that you are purchasing from a company with over a decade of experience in piercing. Our body jewellery must all meet strict standards and we also offer a range of deals relating to our nose studs to make them easy to purchase.

For example, if you purchase body jewellery alone then your postage will be extremely cheap! This allows you to get a cheap nose stud without having the hidden cost of packaging. Great looking, easy to wear and affordable, our nose studs are suitable for a variety of situations and are a great accessory for nostril piercings. 

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