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Ear Stretchers

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Blue Banana Natural Leopard Ear Stretcher (Black/Brown)
We have ear stretchers in a range of sizes and designs, whether youíre seriously gauged or youíre just looking to start out with a brand new stretch piercing. Featuring body jewellery that will give your lobes the attention they deserve, we have a range of spiral ear stretchers and tapers that will give you an attractive and even stretch.

Our body jewellery also comes with a range of excellent looking designs that will set you apart! For great looking ear stretchers that are affordable and comfortable to wear, you can get tapers with a difference, including fake body jewellery that can help you test out how a stretch piercing will look on you before you bite the bullet!

Blue Banana Ear Stretchers: Number One For Body Jewellery

Check out our ear stretchers if youíre looking to stretch a current piercing and make your look even more alternative. We provide stretch tapers as well as spiral stretchers to get the best from your look, but youíve got to move fast as we sell out of sizes faster than we can stock them when it comes to our exclusive body jewellery!

Provided in lightweight acrylic and with "OĒ rings to ensure that you donít lose your tapers whilst youíre trying to stretch them, you can wear these stretchers alone or use them as an easy way to help you gauge up and insert new tunnels or plugs. For ear stretching, our stretchers are insanely popular and itís easy to see why!

Get The Gear For Great Ear Stretching!

Use an ear stretcher as an alternative accessory as well as a great way to stretch your body modification. Tapers are ideal for easing your lobes into a new gauge, much healthier than dead stretching and they also look great as well! We take body jewellery seriously at Blue Banana, so we offer the best acrylic ear stretchers for an gorgeous even stretch that will keep your lobes healthy and looking great.

Donít forget to buy the next gauge up in advance when purchasing tapers but leave plenty of time between each stretch (more info in our piercing guide!). All about body modifications and awesome piercings, get your ear stretchers in just a few clicks!

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