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Navel Bars

Polished Titanium Double Jewelled 1.6mm Navel Bar (Fuchsia)
Polished Titanium Double Jewelled 1.6mm Navel Bar (Fuchsia)
Our range of navel bars is extensive and varied. With simple bars or a more detailed design, we have one of the most comprehensive navel jewellery collections around.

Our navel bars and belly bars are only made from the best materials, either titanium or surgical grade steel, so you can rest assured you are purchasing quality at an affordable price.

Affordable Navel Bar Range

The navel bar styles range from simple designs with bright jewels or more complicated shaped designs. With vibrant colours and cool shapes, these navel bars shouldnít be missed.

With summer arriving, you'll get plenty of chances to show off these pretty designs, no matter if you chose a simple design or a more detailed one, you are sure to find something to tickle your fancy. Each of our navel bars has been tried and tested by our dedicated team to give you peace of mind.

Great Belly Bars That Are Perfect For Your Body Modification

When it comes to belly bars, we have a great range made of both titanium and stainless steel, giving you the perfect selection of stylish piercings. A great looking navel bar will draw attention to your excellent surface piercing, especially with our range of hanging details and crystal inserts.

Available in a range of colours and styles, choose a navel bar that best represents you. You can even co-ordinate your body modification with the rest of your outfit. For a great looking piercing that demands attention, pick out a belly bar thatís perfect for you!

Navel Bars from Blue Banana

So with our navel bars range you know you are buying quality. But best of all Blue Banana offer a purchase and delivery guarantee on each and every order, giving you peace of mind, knowing that your item will arrive in no time at all and in perfect condition. 

Team this with our excellent discounted postage on piercing jewellery and our navel bars are world beaters!

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