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Labret Studs

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Blue Banana Coloured Titanium 1.2mm Labret (Rainbow)
Blue Banana Coloured Titanium 1.2mm Labret (Rainbow)
Our labret studs come in a wide range of sizes and styles, ideal for a number of alternative piercings. You might be after a labret stud for a new lip piercing or you could need body jewellery for a range of ear piercings. Get labret bars in a huge range of colours and give your piercing the attention it deserves with our awesome body jewellery.

Perfect Titanium Labrets for Alternative Piercings

You can have labret studs in a range of colours and sizes when you check out our alternative body jewellery. Many of our labret piercings are made of high grade titanium, making them suitable for fresh or healing piercings as well as being comfortable and great looking.

Titanium labret bars are unique as they can be coloured a range of different shades, resulting in more distinctive body jewellery for your alternative piercings. We also have labret retainers, which are made of plastic and allow your healed piercing to be far less noticeable (perfect for work or school!). If youíre looking for labrets, you should always come to Blue Banana!

Labret Bars and Studs for a Range of Piercings

You can wear labrets in a variety of different piercings, which is why we offer such a range of sizes and widths. A popular choice for a labret stud is the labret piercing, which obviously shares its name. Labrets are ideal for lip piercings as they have a flat back that wonít interact with your gums or teeth, which could lead to chipping. Labret bars are also the jewellery required for wearing with tongue piercings, so you can get a range of colours to really make your body jewellery stand out and surprise people!

Finally, a labret stud can also be worn with a range of ear piercings, ensuring that the back doesnít get caught or snagged on anything. With such a versatile item of body jewellery, you might be surprised by how awesome labrets can look.

Affordable Body Jewellery Through Blue Banana

Getting your labrets from us is a great choice to make if you like cheap and great quality body jewellery. Not only do we quality check all of our alternative piercings but can you get a range of colours and styles for most body modifications. We even offer cheap delivery costs for all of our body jewellery.

With so much to offer, our affordable labret studs are certain to be the best new addition to your alternative style, and with our lower prices you can afford to choreograph a range of different piercings at the same time! For comfortable every day wear, you canít beat labret bars for your body jewellery needs.

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