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Ball Closure Rings

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Blue Banana Plasma Gold 2.4mm BCR (Gold)
Blue Banana Plasma Gold 2.4mm BCR (Gold)
As body jewellery, ball closure rings or BCR’s are a relatively recent invention that can be worn with many different kinds of piercings. This includes ear piercings, lip piercings, nose piercings and several others.

You can wear ball closure rings in a range of styles, sizes and colours, thanks to our great range of body jewellery, allowing you to choose either a subtle piercing or something totally in-your-face.

Titanium Ball Closure Rings For Awesome Body Modification

Whether you want BCR’s for a range of piercings or you’re looking for body jewellery for one in particular, you can find everything you need with Blue Banana. Our BCR’s are made to a high standard of quality and are all created from high grade titanium.

Titanium is the ideal material for new and healing piercings and is a lightweight material that allows for more alternative body jewellery designs. We have BCR’s in a range of colours as well as black and metallic so there’s an awesome selection of body jewellery for you to check out today!

A Diverse BCR Range For Body Jewellery

Whilst BCR’s are a surprisingly modern addition to body jewellery, they are also one of the most versatile. Not only can you wear BCR’s in single piercings all over the body, they can also be worn with orbital and other piercings that feature two holes. All Blue Banana piercing jewellery has been thoroughly checked and tested, so it’s certain to complete your style for ages to come.

If you intend to order piercings from us you are making the whole process of buying your jewellery cheaper. If you want to try something different with a range of piercings then matching BCR’s are a great way to assure yourself some attention.