Doctor Who Exterminate T Shirt (Black)
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Those outside the fandom probably wonít understand what makes Doctor Who merchandise so desirable. The Doctor is an old and lonely time traveller whoís the last of his kind and spends most of time make witty comebacks whilst running, but whilst he gives the impression of childishness and awkwardness, itís his intelligence that usually defeats his enemies towards the end of the episode.

Nothing makes a better gift to a Whovian then Doctor Who merchandise, so if youíre looking to score some points, ask for forgiveness or acquire undying love, then this is definitely a way you can achieve this. Whether youíre getting someone a Christmas present or simply want to show your gratitude, gifts have been proven to make people like you more.

Doctor Who Fans Arenít Complete Without Some Official Merchandise

All of our Doctor Who merchandise is made from quality materials and an attention to detail that will ensure itíll last for the long-term. In fact your Doctor Who gear may even outlive you in truly tragic Time Lord style, regenerations and all.

When it comes to the best Doctor Who merchandise, the first place you should start is with a t shirt and we have all the incarnations of The Doctor in one place so you can wear your favourite. Not only will your Time Lord tee be perfect for day to day wear, but if you arenít the kind of person who likes to cosplay then it also makes a great outfit for any cons youíre lucky enough to be visiting.

Look No Further For All The Doctor Who Merchandise You Could Ask For

Whilst The Doctor features predominantly on Doctor Who merchandise, itís not just him that makes up the show. In fact it can be argued that the companions play the largest roles in shaping how the series will play out. The most well known ones since the shows revamp with the ninth Doctor include Rose Tyler, Martha Jones, Donna Noble and Amy Pond.

Everyone has their favourite Doctor, so naturally thatís the one you want featured on your Doctor Who merchandise. Whether youíre a loyal David Tennant fan or preferred Tom Bakers fourth Doctor, you can wear your favourite wherever you go. Now that Matt Smith joins the list of former regenerations, weíll be faced with a new Doctor and eventually new merchandise following his arrival.