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Steampunk Clothing - Victorian Fashion For The 21st Century

For those who hideaway behind designer labels then perhaps youíve missed the term Steampunk clothing, begging the question what is Steampunk? To describe it in detail is difficult, but it is widely renowned as a unique subculture that draws upon the character, ideas, fashion and functions from bygone eras. From Victorian attire, Gothic accessories, Steam Era machines and science fiction fantasy, Steampunk is a mismatch of genres that when together presents a charming and interesting way of living. 

Itís not only what Steampunks wear that makes people attracted to this alternative scene. Wearing Victorian steampunk clothing and accessories means taking on a different way of thinking to our consumer world, fluttering with past theories, exploring fantasies and often indulging in old literature and vintage furniture.

With the growing popularity of the genre in smaller sections of society, there are many people who would like to see the subculture established as a lifestyle in itself. Fans continue to adopt Steampunk ideas not only in their fashion and clothing but in their home decor, films and music too.  You'll find items pertaining to all of this in our steampunk shop including:

What Is Steampunk Fashion?

Steampunk fashion is a way to dress and style yourself, this includes vintage clothing, classic footwear, Gothic jewellery and other niche accessories. Bunging on an old-fashioned shirt isnít where Steampunk fashion ends; itís all about creating an entire outfit and an identity to be proud of. Decorating yourself with relevant accessories, which are tied into the fabrication of older eras, is highly common. Big shiny buckles, timepieces, cog wheels and swinging pendants are all familiar within Steampunk costume admirers. 

So what is Steampunk clothing? Steampunk costume consist of many different items, all of which display that desired vintage charm and character. For women, Steampunk fashion selections include corsets, laced tops, frilly shirts and long Victorian skirts. Whereas male Steampunk dressers use tweed waistcoats, steampunk jackets, safari coats and black emporium trousers to cultivate their vintage appearance.

How Victorian Jewellery Compliments Steampunk Outfits

Typically, the design of Steampunk fashion jewellery strikes a wonderful balance between the perceived function of the engineering piece involved and the form it creates against the person wearing it. 

Important features that were once used in the Steam era, discussed in old literature and used in Victorian times, are given a new lease of life within the Steampunk jewellery genre. Fob chains, cogwheels, fantasy inspired necklaces, pilot goggles and gas masks all feature in the wardrobe of a proud and evolving Steampunk dresser. Period pieces such as brooches, elegant bracelets and Gothic style earrings are popular for Steampunk women to flaunt.

You Can Make Steampunk Costumes, But They're Hard To Get It Right

Much of Steampunk fashion requires a bit of DIY, this stops you from spending thousands on Steampunk Victorian clothing and accessories, enabling you to add your own personal touches. Asking how to make Steampunk clothes has never been answered quicker with many loyal ladies and gents creating Steampunk costume using redundant fabrics such as old fashioned curtains and blankets. Of course, knowing how to make Steampunk clothing may need someone with a dab hand for sewing but you donít have to be Betsy Ross to successfully complete your personal vintage treasures. 

Learning how to make Steampunk jewellery is much the same -- you can use ancient and knackered brass items including any hardware or gadgetry you can get your hands on. Scientific journeys and voyages can be mimicked with telescopes, chronometers or references to time travel. Making Steampunk accessories and clothing can be very rewarding once finished. Youíll also be safe knowing that no one else will have the same accessories as you. It could even be the start of your brand new business.

Your One Stop Steampunk Shop

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