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Fake Ear Stretchers

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4mm Fake Stretcher (Black)
4mm Fake Stretcher (Black)
There’s no doubt that having a stretched ear piercing is particular trendy at the moment, especially amongst alternative fashion subcultures such as emo, scene and rockabilly. These fake ear stretchers solve the big problem with this fashion phenomenon:  it involves damaging your body and, although safe in most circumstances, this sort of transformation isn’t to everyone’s tastes, especially when you never know when stretching your ears is going to go out of fashion. The best way to get this stretched look without harming your body is by using fashion jewellery known as fake or false ear stretchers.

Coming in several different styles, these high quality fake ear stretchers will allow you to maintain that stretched ear lobe look without having to gauge up your piercing if you’re not comfortable enough to do so. You can opt for straight stretchers or spiralled designs here at Blue Banana, and both will give you that ultimate style you’ve been looking for without breaking the bank or your skin. Being able to look like you’ve got stretched ears with none of the pain or the hassle of actually gauging up has got to worth the outlay, especially when you consider how cheap these false ear stretchers are here in our online body jewellery store.

Unleash Your Style With Fake Ear Stretchers

Once you’ve decided to opt for the safer method of using fake ear stretchers to get your stretched lobe look, all you need to do is decide on one of the many designs that are available to you. With plain colours such as our black spiral ear stretcher complicated by our louder designs, such pink, zebra or rainbow style, you’re sure to find yourself spoilt for choice when it comes to finding your next gauged up false earrings.

So, what are the benefits of wearing fake ear stretchers versus actually gauging up your ear piercing, and when might you want to consider avoiding the stretching process all together? Here are some quick pointers about wearing false stretchers:
  • They look incredible realistic and are easily worn through most ear piercings.
  • You avoid any hassle of actually increasing your ear piercing size, saving money and time.
  • You can look just as great as if you had a real stretched lobe piercing.
  • You can avoid any chance of infection, pain or rejection that sometimes occur during stretching.

Free Delivery On All Ear Stretchers, Even The Fake Ones

Since these pieces of jewellery are still designed for ear piercings, they fall under our super cheap delivery policy for body jewellery. That means that when you’re ready to get your fake ear stretchers you’ll be able to grab them for an absolutely amazing price and pay little delivery charge on them, even if you order more than one. Make sure you take advantage of this great offer as soon as you can, and you’re sure to be looking stunning soon with your new false ear stretcher.