Korn Stage T Shirt (Black)
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Lovers of the American nu metal band will appreciate Korn merchandise like no one else. The band were formed in the early 90ís in California with three founding members. Whilst band members come and go frequently in the music industry, Kornís music havenít changed for the worst and still continues to be going strong.

When it comes to the best Korn merchandise, you canít call yourself a true fan unless you own one or more of their band t shirts. The inspiration behind the bandís sound includes various sources such as Nirvana, Led Zeppelin, Fear Factory and Rage Against The Machine to name but a few, and has helped contribute to the bands own unique sound. Whilst their inspirers list is long, the list of bands theyíve inspired in turn is just as long and ranges from Linkin Park to Limp Bizkit.

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Whilst Korn are predominantly known for their quality music, there are some people who will look at Korn merchandise and be reminded of their controversial elements that have gotten them media attention. With band members coming and going and lawsuits, the band has certainly survived its fair share of negative coverage.

Whilst we have plenty of Korn merchandise, you wonít want to overlook all the other band merchandise we stock. With such a broad range of music clothing we stock, thereís no way you wonít find something that you love. From clothing to posters, we have plenty of items thatíll please the most devoted fans out there.

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Whist it would be an ideal treat for yourself if youíre a fan, Korn merchandise also makes the perfect gift for any enthusiastic fans of the band. Whether itís a special occasion or you want to show gratitude, there no better way that giving someone merchandise from the band they love most and Korn fans are no exception to the rule.

All of our Korn merchandise has been made from quality materials and attention to detail which means you can wear and wash them as much as you like and theyíll still look as good as when you bought them. You wonít have to worry about frayed stitching or wonky designs when it comes to our band clothing, so your free to spend the whole time ogling your new gear.