Blue Banana Nail Art 2PK (Clear Bow)
Blue Banana Nail Art 2PK (Clear Bow)
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There’s nothing more alluring than beautifully manicured nails featuring awesome 3D nail art designs, which is why we’ve gone out of our way to bring you the coolest collection on the planet here at Blue Banana. With the biggest variety of designs you’re likely to see when it comes to acrylic nail designs, you’ll be blown away by the choice of styles to buy for your alternative style.

Ranging in colour from the brightest reds to the darkest blacks, these pieces of 3D nail art are without doubt some of the boldest additions to any alternative scene look, whether it be emo, gothic or punk. Make a real impact where it’s least expected with these quality designs that will give any nail a stunning style boost.

Quality 3D Nail Art Designs And Ideas For Alternative Styles

It’s not just the colours that we’ve got a huge variety of either – our 3D nail art also comes in such an eclectic and diverse range of styles that you probably won’t know exactly where to start when it comes to picking the first design you’re going to try on your own nails. With crosses, skulls and a range of animal designs available amongst others, where will you start?

Passionate about being leaders in alternative style trends, we’re sure that this 3D nail art collection is going to keep us, and you, ahead of the scene fashion game. With so many different styles and colours to choose from, you have the ability to give yourself one of the coolest and most unique looks possible thanks to this stunning collection and we’re proud to be able to help you along the way here at Blue Banana.

Cheap Nail Art Designs With Added 3D For You To Buy At Blue Banana

Ever wondered how to do 3D nail art properly and fallen at the first hurdle? No longer do you need to feel like cool acrylic nail designs are out of your reach thanks to our brilliantly designed collection. Whether you’re a man looking for some darker nail styles or a woman wanting a little more colour in her life, these manicure solutions are easy to apply and look absolutely awesome no matter what fashion you’re combining them with. Our styles include:
  • Bows
  • Hearts
  • Crowns
  • Skulls
  • Crosses
  • And so many more!
As you can see, you won’t struggle to find a style of 3D nail art you like – in fact you’ll probably struggle to choose just one. Thankfully our designs all come at cheap prices giving you excellent value for money on the newest alternative style to hit the scene, so no matter how many designs you decide to go for you won’t end up breaking the bank. Don’t hesitate; take a look around our awesome alternative collection to nail polish right now.