Manic Panic Cross Gloss (Apparition)
Manic Panic Cross Gloss (Apparition)
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Amongst our brilliant cosmetics range sits this quality selection of lip makeup, including lip liners, lip gloss and lipstick from some of the biggest makeup brands on the planet such as Barry M and Stargazer. No matter what type of style you want to achieve with your lip cosmetics, we’ve got you covered here at Blue Banana.

We all know that it’s great to look beautiful without the use of lip makeup, but sometimes we all need a little nudge in the right direction, which is where these quality cosmetics come in. Whether you want to totally change the colour of your lips with some alternative lipstick, or simply want to give them a little bit more volume with gloss or liner, you’ll find everything you need here at your favourite scene store.

Quality Lip Makeup From Huge Alternative Brands

Our selection of branded lip makeup is designed to make an impact, and we’ve recruited a number of awesome colours to help it do just that. With colours such as green, hot pink, silver and turquoise amongst the more traditional colours, you’ll find that whether you want to blend in a little more or stand out from the crowd totally, our lipstick, gloss and liners will suit you perfectly.

Whether you are looking for some quality and stylish lip makeup for a special night out or simply need to replenish your cosmetics supplies, you don’t need to look any further for your cosmetics, especially if you are trying to achieve any form of alternative style. Our range caters to punk, goth, emo and scene styles all around the world, so why not join those who are lovingly applying our makeup every single day.

Cheap Lip Makeup To Complete The Look At Blue Banana

Amongst our cool lip makeup are some of the funkiest looking colours that you’ll ever see. There’s nothing we like more at Blue Banana than providing you with the best styles for your alternative looks and our range includes so really stunning colours, such as:
  • Pink
  • Green
  • Red
  • Blue
  • Silver
  • Black
We’re sure that you’ll agree when it comes to lip makeup we really do have the entire colour spectrum covered. Be quick to pick up your favourite style before someone else does to avoid disappointment when you put together your outfit late – grab the coolest colour you fancy right now.