Star Wars Kylo Ren Mug & Socks Gift Set
Specialising in bringing you the coolest alternative accessories, just as we have done since 1997, we’re now proud to introduce you to this wicked alternative socks range as part of our online accessory range. We've got great styles including knee socks, brilliant to combine with knee high boots, which are all great quality, designed with style and practicality in mind.

Amongst our collection we’ve got fashionable alternative socks that cover a number of different styles, so whether you’re trying to achieve the gothic, emo or rockabilly punk look, we’ve got you covered for underwear and socks, as well as shoes themselves here at Blue Banana. Never again do you need to feel like you need to stick to the mainstream socks and pants offered at your regular high street stores – simply come to us and we’ll steer you in the right alternative direction!

Great Quality Underwear And Socks For An Alternative Style

Whether you’re on the lookout for shorter socks, or have decided that knee high socks are the ones for you, you’ll find yourself full of choices here at Blue Banana. With such a diverse range of alternative underwear as well as daintier, subtler lace socks we’re sure that you’re going to fall in love with our footwear accessories just as quickly as we did when we first laid eyes on them.

Socks are typically one of the most boring pieces of clothing that you will find, but we don’t understand why that needs to be the case. Simply because they often find themselves under your clothing is no excuse not to give yourself some extra style, and with this alternative underwear you’ll have the option to roll them down to standard length or show off your legs a bit more by combining them with a skirt or shorts – perfect!

Awesome Alternative Underwear - A Brilliant Addition To Any Fashion

The greatest reason to get a pair of knee high socks is comfort, right? Wrong! Although these brilliant alternative underwear accessories are ready to be worn all day long, comfort is not their number one aim – that’s style! It’s no good being comfortable in boring fashion, but thanks to these great socks and pants you can look great and be comfy all day long too! Which colour will you go for?

Take a look at our range of alternative underwear right now, and make the decision on what really is your favourite style. Once you have, don’t delay and add it to your basket right now to avoid disappointment – it’s likely there are several other people looking at these limited-stock items!