Banned Tiffany Leopard Print Purse (Red)
With some of the coolest and most alternative looking funky purses right here at Blue Banana, you’d be crazy to go anywhere else for your wallets and coin holders. Designed to give any woman a brilliant stylish edge, our own purses are complimented with brilliant brands such as Iron Fist and Nintendo in order to give you the best choice of alternative style.

There’s nothing better than topping off your gothic, rockabilly or punk style with an awesome accessory such as these funky purses, which will undoubtedly get all the attention no matter how much you’re withdrawing from your personal coin holder wallet! People won’t be looking at the amount you’re spending, simply the great designed purse that you’re using to hold your valuables.

Quality Funky Purses With Cool Alternative Designs

With some of the coolest, trendiest designs from really popular brands like Iron Fist and Kreepsville 666 you’ll find that our funky purses are amongst the most sought after accessories here at Blue Banana, and have been since we first launched our fantastic range. Alongside our own alternative styled purses, these quality brands feature some wicked designs to make sure your purse really stands out no matter what shop you’re spending in.

We’ve got no limits on colours either: some of our designs incorporate gothic blacks and dark blues, but others are full of bright shades including greens, yellows and reds. The colour variety within our range simply serves as an example of the huge versatility and range of choice within our funky purses selection here at Blue Banana.

Cool Funky Purses And Women’s Wallet With Stunning Designs

You should never underestimate the impact that cool-looking funky purses can bring to your overall style. While the rest of your friends might be happy to restrict their alternative style to their clothing, don’t you want to be the one that pushes the boundaries and extends your gothic, punk or emo style to your accessories too? Thanks to a great selection of accessories at Blue Banana, including these funky purses, you can do just that without breaking the bank!

Our purses combine brilliantly with other accessories such as:
  • Handbags
  • Keepsake Boxes (for storage at home)
  • Pin Badges
So why are you hesitating? Make sure to get your favourite funky purses in to your basket right now before someone else takes the style you’ve got your eye on! There might not be a second chance to get these great alternative accessories.