Manic Panic Micro Synthetic Glam Strips (Fuschia Shock)
Manic Panic Micro Synthetic Glam Strips (Fuschia Shock)
Amongst our awesome range of cool alternative accessories sit these coloured hair extensions, all designed with style and quality in mind. No matter what sort of style and colour you’re looking to achieve, these clip in hair accessories will serve to transform the style of your hair at a moment’s notice – and we’ve even got human hair extensions if you want something that looks a little more realistic.

With blue, red and pink amongst the shades available in our coloured hair extensions selection, there’s no longer any excuse for not standing out from the crowd. Whether you’re looking for a hair accessory for a party, or simply want some clip in extensions to add to your hair whenever you feel like it, there’s going to be no beating these bright coloured extensions.

Included within our range of coloured hair extensions are some specially selected human hair extensions for those of you who want your clip in accessories 100% genuine. While these real extensions are limited to more natural colours, you’ve always got the option of choosing one of the synthetic but much brighter products on offer here at Blue Banana. Simply take your pick!

Quality Coloured Hair Extensions For Alternative Style

Why not combine some great quality coloured hair extensions with other alternative, emo or gothic accessories such as hair clips, belt buckles or even backpacks to complete a full accessorised style. There’s no reason why you can’t do just that, since all of these quality alternative accessories are available at great value, meaning you can stock up on more than one.

Quality tested by our experts, these coloured hair extensions are undoubtedly some of the coolest fashion style accessories that you’ll be able to find for any alternative look. Whether you’re trying to achieve the emo, punk or rockabilly style, you’ll find that there are no better clip in extensions to add a bit of bright colour than the ones we’ve got right here at Blue Banana.

Bright Coloured Hair Extensions For Any Occasion

No matter what colour you choose, these coloured hair extensions are ideal for any number of different uses:
  • Parties
  • Fancy Dress
  • Shocking Changes To Your Look
  • Novelty Gifts
Don’t delay – add your favourite colour to your basket as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. With so many great colours with limited stock, you can be sure that someone else is looking at your favourite style – so make sure you act quickly to secure the one you love!