Edward Scissorhands Mermaid Jacket (Black)
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Welcome to the Edward Scissorhands clothing range here at Blue Banana. With gorgeous and dark coats to gothic skirts, we have everything you could need. In dark and mysterious colours, our alternative clothing under this section will keep you coming back for more. Guaranteed to last you a long time and provide you with ultimate durability, the clothing in this range will never let you down. Whatever scene youíre in, if itís Goth, Emo or even Punk, we guarantee you will love our trousers so browse through the Edward Scissorhands clothing collection now.

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Edward Scissorhands - An Awesome Sub Brand of Criminal Damage

In the vintage style, our Edward Scissorhands clothing is perfect for either everyday wear or even fancy dress. Stand out from the crowd or slip into the background in our subtle black Criminal Damage trousers. Whether you love the attention, you can be sure people will be dying to know where you bought your alternative clothing from. So for trousers with a difference be sure to check out this Edward Scissorhands clothing section before you leave.

Get Gothic and Alternative Clothing From Edward SH!

Designed to be worn by women, our Edward Scissorhands clothing collection doesnít just include Criminal Damage trousers, it also has an array of gothic style skirts. Having been crafted from top quality materials, you can always be sure our alternative clothing is completely authentic, durable and strong so get the most out of your money. Whatís more is that with a delivery service like ours, you wonít be waiting around for days for your clothing to arrive. Without time to waste, take a look at our Edward Scissorhands clothing section today, what have you got to lose?