Manic Panic Glam Lashes (Moondance)
Amongst our range of accessories that we have built here at Blue Banana are these colourful and style-altering funky false eyelashes which have the ability to add a real alternative look to any style. Coming in a number of different colours, ranging from bold black to bright neon shades, we’ve proud to offer you such a variety of fake lashes to tickle your fashion fancy.

As one of the UK’s premier alternative retailers, we’re always looking for the most fashionable and quality accessories brands, and these funky false eyelashes are no exception. With brands such as Stargazer available here at Blue Banana, you can be sure that you’re only going to be getting the best quality cosmetics but also the coolest looking ones too! There really is nowhere else you need to go for quality fake eyelashes, no matter what style you’re trying to achieve.

High Quality Colourful False Eyelashes Collection

Whether you’re looking for a dark and bolder set of false eyelashes, or simply want to make the biggest impression possible with some bright neon fake lashes in pink, orange or yellow then you’ll find that this selection of Stargazer eyelashes will suit all your alternative fashion needs. Whether you’re trying for an emo, gothic or rockabilly scene style, we’re sure you’ll love the look these false lashes give you.

They say that the eyes are the window to your soul, so what better way to draw attention to them than with these brilliantly colourful false eyelashes. With a variety of colours and styles available, including feathered and spiky lashes, there really is no limit to the style you can add to your eyes without the need for other make-up and cosmetics.

Colourful False Eyelashes For Any Alternative Look

Ideal for a number of different occasions, fancy dress or a night out on the town, why not stock up on the different colours of false eyelashes available at Blue Banana, including:
  • Black
  • Orange
  • Yellow
  • Red
You’ll be jumping for joy when you see just how easy these false eyelashes are to apply, quickly transforming your eyes from dull to dazzling. No matter what type of style you’re looking to achieve, you’ll find that these fake lashes are the ultimate accompaniment alongside some brilliant make-up cosmetics.