Godzilla Kaiju T Shirt (Black)
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Youíd be a monster to overlook the great fashion styles of this Godzilla merchandise. The big dinosaur-like creature is known as a Kaiju (strange beast in Japanese), and first appeared back in the 1954 film created by Ishiro Honda. Following the initial success of the film, the loveable but scary creature has become a worldwide sensation and has been the starring character in over 25 films.

Godzilla was originally created as a monster that was the result of several nuclear explosions, and was intended to be a general metaphor for nuclear weapons, since the bombing of Hiroshima with an atomic weapon was still fresh in the mind of the Japanese people. Thankfully this Godzilla merchandise comes without you having to fear nuclear weapons or huge monsters Ė itís simply amazing fashion!

The Coolest Godzilla Merchandise On The Planet

The character of Godzilla has developed over the years, and his attitude has seemingly changed from film to film. Most of the movies represent the monster as a hero but still a huge threat to humanity, and he is often seen as the lesser of two evils. This Godzilla merchandise is certainly not evil though, itís just a great collection of awesome movie t shirts, hoodies and accessories ready for delivery to your door!

No matter where youíre planning on wearing this great Godzilla merchandise it will make sure that you stand out as having a brilliant taste in movies, as well as a little bit of a monster inside you. While all this fashion is comfortable at the cinema, itís equally at home out on the town or for a casual day at the office, so donít hesitate and get your hands on some of it right now!

Quality And Style From Godzilla Merchandise At Blue Banana

You wonít have to worry about quality when it comes to this awesome Godzilla merchandise. Weíre proud to only supply the best looking and longest-lasting movie t shirts and merch here at Blue Banana, so you can keep wearing these threads as long as you want. Make sure you donít miss out on your favourite style and add them to your basket right now!