Known as The Beatles of the comedy genre thanks to their huge influence, Monty Python are known worldwide as one of the funniest comedy groups ever to exist. Their Flying Circus sketch show has inspired an awesome collection of Monty Python merchandise thanks to its surreal comic humour and loveable cast.

The members of the group that has given us such brilliant Monty Python merchandise were John Cleese, Graham Chapman, Terry Gilliam, Eric Idle, Terry Jones and Michael Palin, who all added their own little piece of brilliance to the sketch shows, subsequent movies, stage shows and musicals.

Laugh Your Head Off With This Monty Python Merchandise

Amongst the greatest comedians of all time, three of the "cast” of Monty Python have been rated by fellow comedians as amongst the top 50 comics of all time, Palin as number 30, Eric Idle at number 21 and the brilliant John Cleese at number 2. This has only served to increase the demand for Monty Python merchandise from fans of comedy all over the world.

No matter where you’re planning to wear these hilariously funny t shirts, you can be sure that the brilliant designs on these pieces of Monty Python merchandise will have people chuckling along with you whether you’re walking through town or going to a comedy club for the night. While everyone has a different taste in comedy, you’ll find that most people love a great Monty Python sketch.

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