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Cradle of Filth

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Cradle Of Filth Corpse T Shirt (Black)
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Inspired by one of the biggest extreme metal bands in the world, Cradle Of Filth merch is often just as dark and extreme as the band themselves, and weíre proud to be able to share it with you right here at Blue Banana.

The band formed back in 1991 in Suffolk, and their musical genre began as pure black metal and developed over a period of time to its more gothic metal and extreme sounds that have really inspired the growth of Cradle Of Filth merch in the UK, and indeed, all over Europe.

Cradle Of Filth Merch For Real Extreme Metal Fans

If youíre a big fan of the band, youíll know that they are influenced by gothic literature, horror films and poetry. In the same vein, Cradle Of Filth merch is inspired by the same sort of styles, meaning that when youíre seen wearing any of their merchandise, you give out a real alternative impression.

The band released their first studio album, The Principle Of Evil Made Flesh, in 1994, however this was not the album which inspired our range of Cradle Of Filth merch, since it was not as well developed as what was still to come from the band, with vocalist Dani Filth sounding hardly anything like he does in the present day.

Great Quality Cradle Of Filth Merch From Blue Banana

With the best quality types of Cradle Of Filth merch right here, you donít have to worry that youíre going to get anything than the best from us here at Blue Banana. No matter whether youíre looking for a brilliant styled t shirt or something a little bit different to fulfil your Cradle Of Filth needs, weíve got you covered!

Hurry though, this Cradle Of Filth merch wonít be around forever, and itís brilliant style will be one of the best investments you ever made, particularly because all of our band merch comes at high quality and great value.