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Blue Banana Opal Microdermal (Pink)
There’s no competing with our awesome microdermals jewellery collection, which is designed to give you a really great look for your surface piercing through a selection of dermal top balls, cones and discs. Also among the mix are several different styles including domes, hearts and some awesome alternative looking stars and skulls.

Microdermals Jewellery To Suit Every Style

All of the designs featured in our microdermals jewellery collection have been chosen to ensure that you are given variety when it comes to your selection. Many people are starting to opt for a surface piercing because of how unique they are and because they cause less scarring than other piercings when removed.

Also known as a microdermals implant, this form of piercing is rapidly growing in popularity as of late so make sure you get yours as soon as possible so you can take credit for further rise in popularity. One of the great things about this type of piercing is its extremely low rejection rate, so there is minimal chance you will experience disappointment.

The anchors in our microdermals jewellery collection are complete with three holes to ensure the healing skin bonds with your new accessory more easily. This helps to ensure that your new piercing feels completely secure once it has fully healed. The majority of anchors feature internally threaded fastenings; this ensures that you do not have to remove the anchor whenever you want to change the top.

Microdermals Piercing Jewellery: Don’t Knock Until You Try It

Choosing between our microdermals jewellery can be quite hard we know but we wanted to offer a variety of designs to ensure every style is covered! After insertion it is wise to leave alone your piercing and cover it for roughly 3 – 6 months as the healing process is easily affected by catching or pulling on clothing.

So if you plan on getting a surface piercing then make sure you check out our collection, you won’t regret it.