Fearless Vampire Killers Logo T Shirt (Black)
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There aren’t many creatures scarier than a blood-thirsty vampire, so to keep yourself safe you might want to consider getting your hands on some Fearless Vampire Killers merch, especially if you love to rock too!

Forming in 2008, Fearless Vampire Killers are an alternative rock band from London, England, who originally formed under the name of ‘Remember When’ in 2007. Fearless Vampire Killers merch was inspired by the band, whose name originates from the Roman Polanski comedy horror film of the same name.

Great Fearless Vampire Killers Merch At Blue Banana

We’re a store who loves music, so when we get the opportunity to bring you some great Fearless Vampire Killers merch, that’s not a chance we’re going to turn down! Whether you’re a hardcore fan of the band or someone who is just an occasionally listener with your friends, you’ll want to check out our great range of FVK hoodies, tank tops and t shirts, all available at great value.

Named as one of Kerrang’s best 10 unsigned bands in the UK back in September 2011, Fearless Vampire Killers merch really took off following the release of their first studio album, Militia Of The Lost, in May 2012 and it has been going strong ever since, with fans desperate to get their hands on some FVK official band merchandise.

Rock Out With Some Fearless Vampire Killers Merch

At Blue Banana you can sure all our band merchandise is 100% official and this Fearless Vampire Killers merch is no exception. We hate clothing that falls apart, fades or just doesn’t fit properly too, and that’s why we’re committed to delivering great quality products at awesome value for all of you who value the power of rock, but also value the power of your bank balance.

Fearless Vampire Killers are known as being very hands-on with the production of their music, and we’re proud to be very hands-on delivering you great Fearless Vampire Killers merch as quickly as we can!