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Dr Martens

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Dr Martens Paint Slick Pascal Boots (Purple)
Classic Dr Martens boots have withstood the test of time for decades and DM boots have always managed to be relevant and fashionable when all other boots fell by the wayside. Dr Martens Airwair boots have gone from a small business to a worldwide phenomenon, from the skinheads of East London to a wardrobe staple of those with a love of alternative fashion.

Whether itís the classic 1460 boots or a smart pair of black Dr Martens shoes you are after, people will stop and stare when they see you in your DM boots. Itís guaranteed that Dr Martens boots will be at the forefront of fashionable expression for years to come, especially as there is such a wide range of shoes to choose from. Pick up a pair from Blue Banana and start your journey.

Boots And Shoes By Dr Martens

There are two main selling points of Dr Martens boots Ė style and durability. When Docs made their way to the UK with the standalone 1460 boot it caused a revolution. The unique sole, stand out stitching and visible Doctor Martens label had never been seen before and hasnít been seen since. People have tried and failed to copy Dr Martens but there is still only one company that you can trust for long lasting comfortable boots that have become utterly iconic.

Fans of Dr Martens Airwair boots are also attracted by their longevity; these womenís and menís boots are extremely well made and wonít let you down when you need them most. With such a pedigree, itís no wonder the popularity of Dr Martens boots has soared with stars like Jessica Alba and Nicki Minaj showing how versatile Doc Martens boots can be in women's fashion!

Doctor Martens Boots And Shoes Collection

The history of Dr Martens boots is almost as wide ranging as the collection itself. Almost every scene, social group and fashion following has been linked with Doctor Martens Airwair shoes, highlighting their versatility and cultural importance. Whether you love the old school punk appeal of their high boots or you want a rock chic look with a pair of bright and bold 1460 boots, we also have their stunning shoes in our collection and all with great prices to match!

No other range of menís and womenís boots has had such an influence over such a long period of time and thereís no sign of it ending any time soon. Pick up a pair of Dr Martens boots or shoes from our store today and youíll be part of that history.

Dr Martens Designs Are Still Great For Boots & Shoes

A pair of Dr Martens boots can come in a number of ranges and styles. If youíre looking for traditional, iconic style then we have DM boots with their classic shiny finish and standard red and blue colours. Not only that though, we also have quirky and alternative variants on the Doc Martens 1460 boot including a selection of colours and even prints.

This allows you to select a brand new pair of Dr Martens boots for casual wear or something more practical. Get attention instantly with a bright pair of DM boots or opt for their more subdued and sophisticated Dr Martens shoes for a wider appeal.