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Bridge Piercing Jewellery

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Blue Banana 1.2mm Steel Barbell
Blue Banana 1.2mm Steel Barbell
The bridge piercing is a unique piercing that is placed on the top of the nose and right between the eyes. When going cross eyed you want to see something interesting surely, this piercing is just what you need.

Everyone these days has a piercing somewhere on their body, so go for one that isnít that popular yet, it is bound to be popular someday and this way you can take credit for its success.

Bridge Piercing: It Would Hurt If People Walked Across That

Also known as the Erl piercing, the bridge piercing is one worth checking out; its placement between the eyes ensures that people wonít overlook it. It is also known as the Erl piercing because the first person to have it done was named Erl van Aken. Some piercings have been known to be named after the very first recipient of the particular piercing. Due to the fact that it is a surface piercing, the rejection rate is relatively high so thereís no need to worry if this happens to you.

Traditionally done with barbells, the bridge piercing is easy to prepare for; all you need to do is browse through our selection and pick out the design that matches your style. With curved and straight designs on offer in our range and in numerous colours and sizes, we donít envy your decision making. Once youíve chosen your new barbell, why donít you check out our bridge accessories and personalise your new jewellery; that is bound to help you stand out!

Achieve A Unique Look With A Bridge Piercing

One of the great things about the bridge piercing is its ability to draw in attention from all directions, the fact it looks awesome is just an added bonus. So if youíre considering getting a new piercing, why donít you go for this one!