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Curved Barbells

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Blue Banana 1.2mm Steel Curved Barbell
Blue Banana 1.2mm Steel Curved Barbell
The curved barbells, or navel curve, are one of the most popular items of piercing jewellery because their shape suits the needs of numerous piercings. With a range of materials on offer in our collection, you get to choose the material you think is best suited for your type of piercing. The designs in our collection come in a range of colours to ensure that there is one that covers your style.

Curved Barbells To Suit Your Favourite Piercing

Choosing between our curved barbells can prove to be an impossible task, which is why we have organised them in a fashion thatís easy on the eyes and easier to choose from. Both ends of each barbell can be removed and replaced with a pair of add ons of your choice and this will give you the chance to completely personalise your new piercing. With an array of colours making up our range, you wonít have to look very hard to find your favourite colour.

Our collection of curved barbells offers a number of different sizes designed to suit your gauge; so if you decided to pass on the circular barbells and go for the curved design you can rest assured weíll have your preferred size here. Our team of piercing experts have chosen diverse materials that are designed to provide you with complete comfort as well as durable piercing accessories. The ease of changing curved barbells is why people often go for them, and also because they can be used for a number of different piercings.

Curved Barbells: Personalising Your Piercings Just Became Easier

If you have a piercing coming up and arenít sure what accessory to complete it with, then curved barbells are exactly what you need. So make sure you browse through our collection right away and pick out your favourite colour!