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Lip Studs

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Blue Banana Glitter Ball 1.2mm Labret (Zircon Blue)
Blue Banana Glitter Ball 1.2mm Labret (Zircon Blue)
Extremely popular lip studs can be used for every piercing relating to the lip, which is why we have decided to stock a range of new designs to ensure everyoneís needs are met.

Including dazzling gem designs as well as cute shapes, weíre starting to fall in love with our very own designs we hope you are too. People have used these studs for ear piercings in the past because of the comfort and stability that they provide.

Make Your Lip Piercing Stand Out With Lip Studs

All of our lip studs have been designed by piercing experts who really know their stuff, so you have no reason to doubt the quality of these accessories. With shiny gems and cool unique shapes making up the collection, you canít say there isnít variety on offer for you to choose from.

It can be difficult choosing between lip studs and labrets when it comes to your piercing, so in an effort to make your choice easier we have separated the designs. With gold material on offer, you can rest assured that your new accessory will be comfortable and is completely bio-compatible.

One of the great things about lip studs is their flat base and this ensures complete security at all times once inserted. When it comes to choosing the suitable designs for our collection we call upon our team of piercing nuts who know everything there is to know about piercings. They have helped us to maintain a high standard when it comes to our collection that we hope will benefit your new piercing.

Lip Studs Thatíll Show Off Your Style

Due to the popularity of our lip studs we canít guarantee your favourite design will be around for long, so make sure not to hesitate and grab your favourite accessory before itís gone. Donít say we didnít warn you!