DC Comics Batman Cubic Head T Shirt (Black)
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No matter whether you’re a Superman or a Batman fan, you’re sure to find our DC Comics clothing range is here to save the day, fighting off the criminals of fashion and making sure you’re looking great for a night on the town, even if you’re not planning on tackling the criminal underworld single-handed.

Super Designed DC Comics Clothing Range

Our awesome collection of DC Comics clothing is sure to suit any comic book fan, from lovers of the most popular characters including Batman and Superman, to those of you who enjoy your more obscure comic book heroes such as Aquaman or the Green Arrow. For t shirts, hoodies and hats from your favourite DC Comic characters, there really is nowhere better to go for your superhero merchandise than Blue Banana.

The company which has inspired this range of DC Comics clothing was formed in 1934 under the name of National Allied Publications, and since then has produced comics featuring so many different characters it would be impossible to list them all without running out of space! While many people do get the company mixed up with the ever-popular Marvel, only DC Comics can claim to have published Batman and Superman.

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