David & Goliath Gnomies Backpack (Grey)
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The motto says it all – "We make stupid stuff so you don’t have to”. The guys at David and Goliath clothing are all about fun, having a good time and looking great. They have become renowned for making colourful, humorous clothes that are sure to get people interested in what you wear.

After being set up by Todd Goldman in 2000, the company have gone from strength to strength and now have a range of David and Goliath clothing shops all over the globe. Along with online growth, their tees and hoodies are selling like hotcakes! If you’ve never checked out David and Goliath before, we suggest you do as they offer excellent quality tees and hoodies that can’t be beaten.

Complete UK David And Goliath Clothing Range

If you like your clothes to make a statement then David & Goliath is the brand for you. After working a niche in the market, they have solidified their position and David and Goliath clothing now has thousands of fans around the world.

With distinctive designs that have gained a cult following, largely due to their humorous nature, the guys at the company are really enjoying what they’re doing and there is no sign of the David and Goliath UK store slowing down any time soon.

T Shirts And Hoodies By David And Goliath Clothing In The UK

Our range of David and Goliath clothes is one of the biggest and brightest we’ve got, highlighting the very best that the company has to offer. What’s great about David and Goliath UK is that the company really cares; after starting out as a basic upstart, they gradually started producing top quality David and Goliath t shirts to their own design, making them some of the best on the market.

With over 5000 designs already out there, it’s no surprise that David and Goliath now has a huge following that no one could have imagined.