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Types of Body Jewellery

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Organic Health Tea Tree & Almond Oil (10ml)
There are so many different types of body jewellery that you’ll often find that you won’t know exactly which type of jewellery you need for your piercing. Thankfully though, we’re here to help you at UK piercing specialists Blue Banana, where we’ve got a great range of different jewellery in our piercing shop.

What Types Of Body Jewellery Are There?

The most popular types of body jewellery are often thought of as barbells. These pieces of metal come in three main forms. Firstly, straight barbells which, as the name suggests, fit any piercing which can handle a straight line bar, while the curved and circular varieties are designed to be put in piercings which aren’t able to support a straight bar.

Another very popular types of body jewellery is a BCR, otherwise known as a ball closure ring, which is a popular addition to any piercing which is able to support a ring. While there are some piercings which cannot use a ring under any circumstances, some are dependent on the shape of an individual’s body as to whether or not a ring will fit.

More Alternative Types Of  Body Jewellery Are Available

With different types of piercings comes different types of body jewellery, and there are a wide range of other sorts available here at Blue Banana. Our labret studs collection, for example, are ideal for any lip piercings including snake bites, spider bites and Monroe piercings.

In addition, we’ve got a great array of navel bars in our types of body jewellery selection, which will slot brilliantly in to your existing piercing without causing any problems at all, since all our jewellery is made to very high standards. No matter what style or type of jewellery you’re searching for, give our collection a look over as we’re sure you’ll find something you’ll love.