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Acrylic Jewellery

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Blue Banana 1.2 x 6mm Brow Retainer
Blue Banana 1.2 x 6mm Brow Retainer
Jewellery which is made from acrylic is sometimes used for retainers when presented in a clear form, but there are all sorts of bright colours available. Acrylic jewellery is best worn when you are having trouble getting a piercing to heal with metal jewellery, as they are less reactive than other forms of piercings. We’ve got a great selection to keep you happy!

Smooth And Sleek Acrylic Jewellery

While it is advisable to try and wear a high quality metal piercing when you have just had a part of your body pierced, acrylic jewellery does have its benefits. As it is flexible plastic, acrylic will reduce the pressure that may be put on the piercing, and very few people ever report having an allergic reaction to this material, simply because it is so comfortable and does not react to the human body.

The smooth nature of this really lightweight material has seen acrylic jewellery gain popularity as a method for stretching ear piercings, and you’ll be able to find a wide range of tapers, plugs and tunnels made from acrylic which will help you in the stretching process. Tapers in particular are wondering for giving your piercing a slow stretch while keeping you comfortable thanks to the soft material.

Acrylic Jewellery Is Not Only For Stretching

While we know that acrylic stretchers are brilliant, that’s not the only way you can take advantage of some wonderful acrylic jewellery. You’ll find some amazing colours and prints on some of our acrylic range, giving you the ability to make your piercing stand out from the crowd. Such a flexible material, no matter whether you’re looking for conceal and retain your piercing or make yourself the centre of attention, acrylic is a great choice.

While acrylic is a great material, it’s not a metal, and acrylic jewellery doesn’t have the ability to withstand hot temperatures, meaning in cannot be sterilised in the same way as titanium or other metal piercings often are. This shouldn’t detract from its appeal though, as this versatile and attractive piercing material is definitely here to stay.