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Ultra Violet Jewellery

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Novelty Dice 5mm Add On (UV Blue)
Novelty Dice 5mm Add On (UV Blue)
If you’re looking for some quality UV jewellery or some add-ons, look no further than our great range of ultra violet add-ons. We’re always looking for some quirky and fun to offer our customers, and that’s the best way we can describe these UV add-ons, which at such a low price means you can get more than one!

UV Jewellery Gives You A Real Glow

A great addition to any jewellery which allows the use of an add-on, we’ve got some really eye-catching and high quality UV jewellery which will provide all of you who love to stand out from the crowd with just another way to do it. If you’ve ever fancied adding a really funky colour to your existing barbell or labret, then what better way to do it then with an exciting UV add on from us here at Blue Banana.

No matter where your barbell or labret is positioned, you’re sure to find that this UV jewellery gives you the edge over anyone else with the same piercing. Not only are these accessories wonderfully fun, they’re also of a really high quality and great design too, meaning you’ll be able to rest easy knowing you’re wearing a really good piece of kit.

A Variety Of UV Jewellery Colours

Coming in colours which cross the entire spectrum from blue, red, black and pink you’re sure to find a colour which suits your style and would fit in with your existing piercing colour schemes brilliantly. With our quality and delivery guarantees, your UV jewellery accessory will be winging its way to your door in a matter of days, and you certainly won’t have to worry about whether it’s going to arrive in pristine condition either.