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Plasma Gold Jewellery

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Blue Banana Plasma Gold 2.4mm BCR (Gold)
Blue Banana Plasma Gold 2.4mm BCR (Gold)
We know that sometimes you just want that little bit of bling in your life. Our range of plasma gold jewellery gives you the opportunity to give yourself that fashionable look without breaking the bank to get it. These gold piercings will fit most types of piercings, so why not have a look at what we’ve got to offer to turn your piercing from boring to bling!

Grab Some Plasma Gold Jewellery Before It’s Gone

We’re sure that you’ll love this plasma gold jewellery, and that you’ll want to get some as soon as possible. If you’re not enjoying your current piercing and fancy mixing it up a bit, why not join the legions of people who are enjoying the plasma gold revolution, thanks to the added bling it gives any alternative look. Made from titanium, this metal has been coloured gold and shaped in to a number of different varieties, meaning that no matter where you want to wear it, these plasma gold pieces will be brilliant for you.

If you think back to the 1990s, you’ll probably remember plasma gold jewellery beginning to take off along with the polished titanium fad, where almost everyone was wearing a titanium ring. With great strength and being very lightweight too, all titanium needed was a great colour, and when it was combined with gold it looked absolutely amazing. From here, plasma gold jewellery really was born.

Plasma Gold Jewellery For A Wide Range Of Piercing

These brilliant pieces of plasma gold jewellery can fit in almost any piercing, thanks to the massive range of different shapes we stock. With rings, labrets and three different types of barbells and some accessories as well, plasma gold has got you covered for no matter what type of jewellery you’re looking for, so take a look at our collection today.