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Polished Titanium Jewellery

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Blue Banana Hinged Segment Polished Titanium Ring (1.6mm)
Blue Banana Hinged Segment Polished Titanium Ring (1.6mm)
If youíre in the mood to sizzle and sparkle, our polished titanium jewellery range is ready to help you do just that. A great match for any style, this silver coloured jewellery is brilliant at impressing whoever happens to be looking, and attracting the attention of anyone who isnít!

Available in straight, curved and circular barbells as well as rings, youíre sure to find polished titanium jewellery fit for you, and here at Blue Banana weíre sure youíre going to love these pieces of jewellery as much as we do.

Polished Titanium Jewellery For All Piercings

If youíre not happy with your current piercing jewellery or just fancy a change, join the thousands of people who are finding that polished titanium jewellery is all they need to make their piercing shine and sparkle brilliantly. Titanium is a brilliant metal for jewellery, and the fact that itís been created in so many different varieties means that no matter where you want to position your jewellery, thereís bound to be something for you in our collection.

Think back to the 1990s; do you remember polished titanium jewellery really taking off? Itís still quite a modern metal, and thanks to its hypoallergenic properties it has shot to popularity in the world of piercing too, with people recognising the great lightweight metal as one that is extremely strong and resistant to day to day wear. All of these advantages combined with the great style make titanium one of the best types of jewellery around.

Does Polished Titanium Jewellery Suit All Piercings?

The simple answer to that question is yes! Thanks to the huge variety of styles that polished titanium jewellery has been created in, you can wear it almost anywhere that youíve been pierced. With a massive range of barbells, including straight, curved and circular, as well as rings and labrets, polished titanium pretty much has all your bases covered.

Donít forget that polished titanium jewellery always has a great number of different accessories for your bars and labrets, so be sure to take a look at them in further detail if you usually wear a barbell or lip piercing.