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Coloured Titanium Jewellery

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Blue Banana Hinged Segment Blue Titanium Ring (1.2mm)
Blue Banana Hinged Segment Blue Titanium Ring (1.2mm)
If youíre looking to make a real impact with your style, you can be sure that coloured titanium jewellery is going to deliver exactly that. With an unrivalled style, youíll be proud to wear one of these high quality and brilliantly designed pieces of jewellery, which are suitable for a wide variety of different piercings, from ears to genitals! Why not take a look?

Coloured Titanium Jewellery For A Range Of Piercings

Itís true that coloured titanium jewellery is used in so many different piercings, because it is available in such a wide variety of different styles, such as ball capture rings, labrets and barbells. Between these different varieties, pretty much every piercing is covered, and itís great to add some colour to your favourite area without sacrificing your comfort or safety. Thatís why we love this range of coloured jewellery here at Blue Banana.

With so many people now opting to use coloured titanium jewellery in their piercings, no matter what area of their body they have pierced, itís clear that titanium is here to stay. Thanks to its versatility and great quality, titanium first began hitting the shelves during the 1990s, and soon almost everyone was wearing a piece. As the metal is very hypoallergenic and lightweight, while being incredibly strong, it combines style and practicality to brilliant effect.

Can You Wear Coloured Titanium Jewellery Anywhere?

You might be wondering if there is anywhere that you canít wear coloured titanium jewellery. The simple answer is that you can wear this metal anywhere that you would wear an existing piece of jewellery.

As we supply a range of straight, curved and circular barbells, as well as rings, labrets and accessories, there really are very few limits of how you can use this brilliant metal, so dive in and have a go for yourself.