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Black Titanium Jewellery

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Blue Banana Surgical Steel 1.2mm Daith Heart Ring (Black)
Blue Banana Surgical Steel 1.2mm Daith Heart Ring (Black)
Jewellery which is made from Black titanium is used in a wide variety of styles including barbells, ball capture rings and labrets, which can be put in any number of different piercings.

Black titanium
jewellery is best worn whenever you want to give yourself a huge hit of bold dark colour without sacrificing your style. Thatís why we love our range here at Blue Banana.

Black Titanium Jewellery For Every Piercing Type

More and more people are seeing the style benefits that black titanium jewellery can bring to their piercing, no matter where they need their jewellery positioned. With a great range of barbells, rings and labrets, there is no doubt that itís one of the most versatile types of metal when it comes to creating a high quality but great looking piece of jewellery.

Titanium itself a reasonably modern trend, which really took off during the 1990s thanks to their hypoallergenic nature, and that they are very lightweight while being resistant to corrosion and very strong. Black titanium jewellery shares these properties while adding a brilliant new and trendy style to the existing metal type.

Where Can You Wear Black Titanium Jewellery?

The simple answer to where you can wear black titanium jewellery is almost anywhere. With a great range of barbells, straight, curved and circular, you can wear these stylish accessories in any piercing that is suitable for a regular barbell. As there are also many rings to choose from in this style, any piercing which takes a normal ball closure ring will also accept the black titanium version.

Finally, black titanium jewellery has given rise to a number of different accessories, with some brilliant jewelled add-on balls available, which can be added to existing jewellery to give a really great sparkle with a dark edge.