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Eyebrow Piercing Jewellery

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Blue Banana Polished Titanium 2.4mm BCR (Silver)

The eyebrow piercing has become one of today’s most popular surface piercings; its stylish look alone has made people want it for themselves. This type of piercing is more prone to rejection because it is a surface piercing, so do not worry if this happens to you.

It is important to get this piercing done by a professional because there are sensitive nerves called supra orbital nerves above the eye that will suffer from permanent damage if pierced. If the eyebrow piercing doesn’t match your taste, then you could always go for the anti-eyebrow piercing; it consists of a horizontal bar next to the eye.

Look Cool With An Eyebrow Piercing

Introduced in the 70s by the punk subculture, the eyebrow piercing was nothing more than a fashion statement that managed to catch on successfully. The eyebrow barbells can be inserted anywhere along the eyebrow, this provides you with full control over your look.

With barbells, curved barbells and BCRs the preferred option for the eyebrow piercing, you get to choose the design that matches your style. The procedure of this type of piercing involves a cannula needle inserted from the bottom to the top of the eyebrow before the accessory is inserted. Most people go for the curved barbells for their choice because of its simple style and comfortable fit that doesn’t look over-the-top.

Eyebrow Piercing Jewellery In Your Favourite Colour

With a healing time of 6 – 8 weeks, the eyebrow piercing jewellery should not be changed for around 6 months to ensure it has healed completely. If bruising starts to occur do not be alarmed, it is because of the capillaries in the area, it is nothing to worry about.

So if you are considering on getting your eyebrow pierced, then we would recommend you head on over to our body jewellery range to pick up your new bar.