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Tongue Piercing Jewellery

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Plasma Gold Jewelled 5mm Ball (Rose)
Plasma Gold Jewelled 5mm Ball (Rose)

The tongue piercing has become one of today’s most popular piercings, this is due to the fact that it can be left undetected with appropriate care when talking and laughing. With the number of celebrities getting this done skyrocketing, more and more young girls and women are starting to follow the lead.

Originally a form of honouring the Gods in the Mayan and Aztec cultures, the tongue piercing has gone on to become a fashion essential in the industry of today. The piercing procedure starts with the piercer checking for any large blood vessels under the tongue and marking the area where they’ll insert the needle.

Tongue Piercing Jewellery In All Shapes And Sizes

Straight barbells are the most popular tongue accessories to be used for the piercing; this is mainly because of the varying sizes on offer that cater to the needs of each individual’s mouth. The piercer will usually use forceps to hold the tongue in place while making an insertion with a needle which is then replaced by the new barbell.

It is common for the tongue after this piercing to swell to twice its size, so do not be alarmed if this happens to you. It is important to care for your new piercing, so you must not eat spicy food, drink alcohol or smoke at any point during the healing process. Once it has fully healed, you must replace the initial barbell with a smaller one to complete the piercing process.

Cool Tongue Piercing Jewellery For The Piercing Newbie

Many people often worry before getting a tongue piercing that it will be painful; if it is done correctly it should be a relatively painless procedure. If you plan on getting this piercing done make sure you’re prepared to maintain the upkeep it demands!