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Male Genital Piercing

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Blue Banana 5mm Glitter Ball (AB)
Blue Banana 5mm Glitter Ball (AB)

If youíre someone who doesnít have a penis piercing and couldnít think of a day when a male genital piercing would be something you would enjoy, you may just need to learn more about the different feelings and reasons behind going ahead with this form of body modification. Donít forget that when youíre contemplating a penis piercing that youíre talking about making a change which may affect your sexual pleasure, and a male genital piercing which is put in the wrong place could result in a temporary or permanent loss of sensation, or at the very least a missed opportunity to enhance your pleasure.

For A Penis Piercing, Pick The Right Piercer!

As the nature of this type of piercing is very important, all of those who desire a penis piercing should be evaluated on a one-to-one basis with an experienced piercer before going ahead with the procedure. You need to find a person with experience in male genital piercings who is happy to communicate openly with you about the process.

The Right Penis Piercing Jewellery Makes All The Difference

The right type of jewellery in your penis piercing is the most important thing to get right when youíre thinking about having your genitals pierced, no matter which area you want done. There are three main types of jewellery which can be used in a male genital piercing, and they are rings, circular barbells and curved barbells. For comfort and safety, a circular bar is usually best, depending on the exactly placement.

Thankfully, here at Blue Banana we have got a great range of barbells and BCRs of various sizes, colours and materials which should happily satisfy your penis piercing (excuse the pun). We believe in great fashion but we also know how high you will want the quality of your jewellery to be if it is going in a male genital piercing, and we are confident these pieces wonít let you down on that front either.