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Female Genital Piercing

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Blue Banana 5mm Glitter Ball (AB)
Blue Banana 5mm Glitter Ball (AB)
There are two types of labia piercings; they are called labia majora and labia minora. Labia majora is pierced onto the outer area which is why it heals slower than the minora because more tissue needs to heal. The minora on the other-hand is pierced onto the inner area which is more prone to stretching because of the tissues elasticity.

Female Genital Piercing: Donít Knock It Until You Try It

Some people believe that the female genital piercing can cause desensitisation in the area because of constant stimulation; there is no evidence to back this up however. The most common jewellery form is barbells because of their size and shape. It is recommended that you be over 18 before you consider getting this piercing because you need to allow time for your body to fully develop. Some countries, like America, have made it illegal for people under the age of 18 to get this piercing done.

Female Genital Piercing To Boost Your Sex Drive

The female genital piercing is one of the most concealed piercings in the industry, not only will it enhance your sexual experience but its jewellery will be another secret between you and that special someone. So, if youíre brave enough to get this procedure done for yourself, we would recommend you head on over to our body jewellery section for your preparation needs.