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Genital Piercing Jewellery

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Blue Banana Coloured Titanium 1.6mm Circular Barbell (Blue)
Blue Banana Coloured Titanium 1.6mm Circular Barbell (Blue)

The amount of people who are looking for genital piercings is increasing from day to day, and although they are often too much for some people, they are undoubtedly a great way of expressing your individuality. While this is definitely the case, you also need to be sure you have picked a piercer with experience, because there is obviously a lot at stake.

For Genital Piercings, Pick The Right Piercer!

If you’re thinking about genital piercings, remember that you’re making a change which could have an impact on your sexual pleasure, and a male or female genital piercing in the wrong area could result in a temporary or permanent loss of feeling in the area, or a missed opportunity to enhance your pleasure.

As this is such an important piercing, anyone who is contemplating a genital piercing should talk to their piercer in a one-on-one situation, making sure the piercer is as experienced as possible before going ahead with the process. They should be happy to communicate with you about the whole process, including how to correctly care for the piercing afterwards.

The Right Genital Piercings Jewellery Will Help You Adjust

Most importantly, don’t underestimate the importance of the jewellery when you’re thinking about genital piercings, no matter which area you’re thinking of having done. With three main types of jewellery suitable for a genital piercing, you’ve got a good choice of quality jewellery to choose from. The best jewellery for your piercing is dependent on where you are having pierced, so consult your piercer.

We’ve got a great range of different barbells and rings in different colours and materials which should happily satisfy your needs for fashion, quality and style, because we understand how important the quality of the jewellery is going to be, especially if you’re considering a genital piercing.